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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
Wizara ya Uchukuzi

Mamlaka ya Udhibiti Usafiri Ardhini

Piga Bure : 0800110019/0800110020

Kitengo cha TEHAMA

This Unit perform the following activities: -

  • Consult e-Government Authority on key ICT initiatives as per the e-Government Act, Regulations and guidelines;
  • Develop and review internal ICT Strategies and plans;
  • Develop, review and implement ICT related policies, internal guidelines and procedures;
  • Develop technical specifications for ICT equipment and requirements specifications for information systems;
  • Design, implement and manage ICT   infrastructure;
  • Develop and manage information systems and applications;
  • Manage ICT projects;
  • Manage ICT service delivery and support;
  • Develop and manage disaster recovery and ICT business continuity plans; 
  • Develop and implement cyber security measures;
  • Coordinate ICT and data management research and development initiatives towards innovation and digitalization of business processes;
  • Manage, secure, process and govern electronic data;
  • Facilitate establishment and operationalization of ICT Steering Committee; and
  • Prepare of e-Governance and other ICT related periodic reports

Mrejesho, Malalamiko au Wazo