Tanzania emblem
Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
Wizara ya Uchukuzi

Mamlaka ya Udhibiti Usafiri Ardhini

Piga Bure : 0800110019/0800110020

Kurugenzi ya Udhibiti Uchumi


The Directorate perform the following functions: -

  • To monitor compliance of economic regulation of land transport;
  • To develop performance indicators for service providers as well as standards for services provided, 
  • To determine rates and charges;
  • To carry out periodic analysis of trends and developments pertaining to road and railways sub-sectors;
  • To prepare Authority’s strategic plan, annual plan and business plan;
  • To coordinate implementation of Authority’s risk Management Framework;
  • To update and analyze regulatory statistical data and timely dissemination of information; 
  • To coordinate performance contract with the Treasury Registrar the PS – of the parent ministry;
  • To institutionalize monitoring and evaluation system; and
  • To carry out studies and research projects.

Mrejesho, Malalamiko au Wazo